We change your
world with our allies!

Co-creation impacts the business world and connects us with other horizons and ways of seeing life. Working hand with hand with our educational partners gives to our students tools to lead their surroundings and business projects.

At Westfield, we are convinced that together we can achieve great dreams. As a team, we can reach our goals together and with our alliances with educational institutions, we enrich the know-how of our students.

Academic Allies

Westfield Business School firmly believes in teamwork, as it significantly impacts business, allows us to build bridges in other parts of the world, and provides us with a more comprehensive perspective on business. Thus, it allows us to approach our experiences –business-related or not– with better results.

Our educational partners are of great help to our students, as the tools they provide them with improve their leadership in their nearest environments and in their business projects.

    • Our students have the chance of receiving a double degree thanks to the alliance we have with the International School of Management (EIG), a Spanish institution with an over 30-year experience in training professionals in Granada, city characterized by being an academic center focused on innovation and wherein ideas and business converge.
    • The alliance with ESIC (also part of the Prisma Education Group) allows us to give provide our population of students and graduates with a deep and super specialized view of the business world without losing sight of globalization.

    • PRESTIGIO, for its part, is a consulting company in Colombia whose purpose is to train executive leaders. Its approach is based on self-knowledge (life project, learning style, and leadership). They also work with large economic groups in Colombia (Bancolombia, SURA, ÉXITO, AVAL, ARGOS).

    • CLA CONSULTING is our allied consultancy regarding the module on team leadership in VICA environments, called «Leading with Exponential Transformation». CLA is committed to adapting organizations. Their philosophy is consistent with our teaching model. TETE Fostering Leadership. Consulting company committed to companies and management teams to help them overcome particularly difficult situations on change and growth. In this sense, TETE helps us develop the ONESELF Track.
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Corporate Allies

Aware of a global context under permanent transformation,
Westfield Business School sets forth collaboration agreements with global organizations. 

We make it possible to have a unique international experience by visiting
top-level companies with whose managers you will be in close contact.

Our contribution to the development of Latam emerges with the relationships
we have with leading companies who, with our programs, train their executives.

Our contribution to the development of LATAM is materialized in light of
alliances established with leading companies and their executives.