WBS is a predominantly on-line school


WBS offers executive and management education programs to qualify professionals and businesses around the world.

Our focus is to meet the needs of students while intensifying our educational service delivery to local and international students and enterprises.

We intend to instill in our students a profound understanding of the changing nature of international
business within a global economy.

We will ensure that our graduates are well versed on
how enterprises are organized and managed, and on how products and services are created and marketed.

We will also provide students with a sense of responsibility in their community and social environment
and encourage them to develop their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship in order to generate
sustainable enterprises and wealth.

We provide them with a solid grasp of business processes, the ability to think critically,
solve problems ethically, and the sense to conduct them with integrity.

We monitor their progress and commitment to learning in a dynamic, complex and competitive world.
Our faculty is focused on instructional development to contribute not only to the general knowledge
base in the field of business and entrepreneurship, but also to the ways in which this knowledge is
created and shared. WBS holds an information technology infrastructure and technological platform
that enables us to provide online interactive course delivery tools. At the same time, our IT investment
supports our ongoing innovation.

WBS strives to provide a quality graduate educational experience from our Miami location, within a
Global Campus, focused on the unique requirements for doing business in a global market.