Take on business challenges and lead businesses
under a Triple Bottom Line approach, positively impacting

Throughout 20 years we’ve become pioneers in online programs applying the Harvard Case Method.

There’s no need to put other matters in standby to study at Westfield! Our education model is 70% asynchronous, thereby allowing for flexible learning and study while you work to continue growing professionally.




We know what you look for, so we provide exactly what you need!

Know the structure of our MBAs

With an over two-decade virtual experience, we guarantee a genuine interaction with your
 teachers and peers for a superior comprehensive learning experience. We’ll therefore train you as a:
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Personal and team leadership modules
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Business Training
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with business leaders

We promote the inner you and the professional in you

At Westfield we train you (holistically) as a:

1. Person

Together we design a customized training plan that will help you consolidate the best version of yourself. To achieve this, we must recognize both your talents and that of others and cultivate your leadership, learning, and successful project-management skills throughout the following modules:

ONESELF Track + mentoring:


Consultancy whose purpose is to train transformative leaders from self-knowledge.


Company dedicated to helping companies and management teams to successfully overcome difficult situations on change and growth.

Leading with Exponential Transformation:


International senior management consultant committed to adaptive change in organizations.

2. Education

Westfield relies on adaptive education to provide the student with a customized experience, that is, we recognize each’s particular way of learning. On the other hand, we promote their growth as both a person and a professional in a supportive environment, which is part of our Triple Bottom Line commitment: People, Planet, and Profit.

How does a class work?



Acquire practical knowledge about the dynamics of the business world by applying knowledge in the FUNDAMENTAL Block.

Two teachers will always be accompanying you in each course:


PhD professors
whose function is to provide in-depth and
cutting-edge information on study topics.


Senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, that is, the largest companies in the world. People with extensive managerial experience who will teach you to reconcile the academic world with the real one, thereby learning how to apply knowledge effectively.


3. Expert

We grant you two degrees in 16 months

Both degrees attest to the character and international scope of our school, as we specifically prepare you to overcome business challenges and lead businesses aware of the Triple Bottom Line approach, those that positively impact people, the planet and profit.

Choose the area of interest on which you wish to deepen and acquire a European master’s degree with the International School of Management (EIG), a prestigious business school in Granada, Spain with an over 25-year experience.

Westfield Business School

EIG Business School


Customize your MBA

Business PLAN

Turn your idea into a real business project accompanied by experts.

This course seeks to develop your ability to use analysis tools, which will help you develop any project: from just an idea to a well-thought-out business plan, with a solid financial justification.

The business plan is a document identifying, describing, and analyzing a business opportunity, one examining its technical, economic, and financial feasibility and must contemplate procedures and strategies necessary to make it possible.


4. Transforming Leader

The world is our classroom!

International Experiences

Today’s business challenges require knowing global benchmarks and understanding how they lead their industries. Hence, our programs include international experiences that allow you to develop a more comprehensive (global) vision of business, which, in turn, will allow you to properly face the structural challenges of business and the logic behind it.

Get to know our experiences:

Face-to-Face International Experience

You will experience a week abroad with high quality academic content, real cases of the today’s world, and visits to great business leaders in the most important cities of the world.

These are your choices:

International Experience Own-Lead EIG

You will virtually attend live conversations with business leaders. High interactive level.


Ivy League Week

You will have a live online experience with lecturers and speakers from Ivy League Institutions (elite group of universities in the U.S.) to discuss business cases and delve into multiple business aspects.