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At Westfield Business School we have scholarships and a Merit Rewards assistantships programs for applicants with excellent profiles and a good academic record.

We look to ensure a better experience and enrich students with diverse knowledge.

Prestigio Leadership Scholarship

Professionals with academic excellence and leadership values.

Esteban Betancur, a former student of the Executive MBA Dual Degree with Westfield Business School (2009), founded his own Leadership company: Prestigio Formación Executive and signed an alliance contract for the corporate channel of his alma mater in Latin America. His experience with this scholarship (with which he was benefited from the P&G company and their alliance with us), led him to support future leaders of the business world.

The Sierra Entrepreneurship Award

Designed for those looking to turning their dreams into companies with a clear purpose: a better world.

Manuela and Amalia, Westfield Business School MBA (2010) and IE MBA alumni, respectively, are successful entrepreneurs and creators of the Maaji swimwear brand. They have voluntarily become sponsors of new entrepreneurs.

Ismael Cala Scholarship

Professionals showing management skills on how they would go about facing a business case, identifying the problem, proposing strategies, and making decisions to solve the problem.

Ismael Cala Foundation and Westfield Business School are allies in order to support professionals who want to take advantage of one of the scholarships for an MBA Dual Degree or Executive MBA at our school.

People, Planet and Profit Scholarship

Awarded to professionals, directors, and executives in recognition of their careers; those who daily look to establish business agreements under a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) approach, thereby looking to positively impact People, Planet, and Profit

People who are eager to change the world on a daily basis motivated by a different and sustainable approach to business. As it is inspired by the TBL focus or approach, it represents the guiding principle of the training of students in our school.

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Merit Rewards Assistantships

The objetive of the assistantships is to enrich our student cohorts and assure our programs have a better experience and assorted knowledge.

Meet our Global Ambassadors and determine if you can apply for these assistantships by making sure your profile corresponds to one or more of the following areas:

The Peter Kurzina

Merit Reward Innovation

Criteria to Apply

Candidates with the ability to innovate and understand the importance of applying leadership in their organizations.

Peter Kurzina

Lecturer, Speaker, Adviser, Senior Lecturer at MIT

The Iris Fuijura

Merit Reward Women in science and technology

Criteria to Apply

Women in Science and Technology / Ethnic Minorities.

The Iris Fuijura

Managing Director for Golden Seeds

The Rosario Mirat

Merit Reward Women
in finance and directive roles

Criteria to Apply

Women who work for progress or women in finance.

The Rosario Mirat

Deputy Secretary at BBVA

The Carlos López Casas

Merit Reward Foundations
and social impact

Criteria to Apply

- Applicants with experience in foundations and Social Impact.
- People with a career in finance and a high commitment to the importance of people in organizations.

The Carlos
López Casas

Managing Partner at AUREN Corporate

The Emilio Galli-Zugaro

Merit Reward Potential in leadership

Criteria to Apply

Leadership-oriented students with listening and communication skills interested in having managerial and governance roles.

The Emilio Galli-Zugaro

Founder & CEO Orvieto Academy

The Fernando Delgado

Merit Reward Corporate Business

Criteria to Apply

Students with experience or interest in Corporate Business.

The Fernando Delgado

Senior Investment Analyst

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